Café offering domestic honey drinks opens at mead brewery in Arata, Kagoshima

PUBLISHED May 31, 2023


HONEY CRAFT CAFÉ opened on May 1 near Kishaba Station in Kagoshima City.

Honeyboy & co. manages the business. Founded in January 2020, the venture company, whose average age of staff is 25, manufactures and markets “meadol,” a mead gift product range made from domestic honey. Last March, the company opened Satsuma Craft, a brewery for mead in Arata.

Mead is an alcoholic beverage made from fermenting honey, also called “honey wine” because the production process is similar to that of wine. Only five breweries in Japan make mead, and Satsuma Craft is the only one in Kyushu. The company’s president, Yuri Ichinohe, opened the café in a corner of the brewery to “make mead more familiar.”

Ichinohe and his staff created the white-colored interior of the café as a DIY project. It has four sofa seats, and in the center of the café is a section where “meadol” is displayed and sold. Located in a back alley in Kishaba, Ichinohe describes the café as “a place where you can drop in and enjoy the atmosphere of a hideout.”

The drink menu includes honey coffee, honey cream latte, honey tea, honey rooibos tea, honey lemonade, and fruit smoothies with honey (banana, strawberry, blueberry, mango, etc.), to name a few. Prices range from 400 yen to 650 yen. All honey used in the drinks is domestically produced. The coffee is made from “Brazil Honey,” Brazilian beans roasted in-house.

Ichinohe added, “I want to make this a place where many people can enjoy the sweetness of domestic honey. Please come visit us.”

Opening hours: 11:30 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. Closing days are announced on Instagram.

  • Sofa seating at HONEY CRAFT CAFÉ

  • Sales of honey wine gift items

  • Honey Strawberry Milk from HONEY CRAFT CAFÉ

  • Honey Cream Latte from HONEY CRAFT CAFÉ

  • “meadol” honey wine gift items at HONEY CRAFT CAFÉ