Bakery Panto opens in Miyajimamachi, Aira, offering 30 kinds of bread, buns

PUBLISHED Jun 8, 2023

Inside the store, freshly baked bread and buns are lined up

Bakery Panto opened on May 21 near the entrance to the driving test center on National Route 10 in Miyajimamachi, Aira City.

Kayoko Iribe, the owner who has gained experience working at bakeries in and out of the prefecture, opened the store to make and offer the bread she loves. It is a takeout store with a floor space of approximately 33 square meters. She offers bread and buns made in her workshop in the back of the store.

Iribe runs the bakery alone, baking bread from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. and selling it in the afternoon. “I am happy to talk with customers and hear what kind of bread they want me to make and which ones they like. It is an important time for me,” she says.

Currently, the bakery offers about 30 varieties of bread and buns. Popular items include the crescent moon-shaped salted butter buns (170 yen each), red bean butter buns, and cream buns, with cream all homemade. A selection of savory buns made with cheese and sausage is also available. Milk bread is made using the hot water dough method.

Iribe is most particular about her baguettes (280 yen). She blends five types of flour, including a special flour for baguettes from France, and lets the dough mature at a low temperature for a few days before baking it.

“Since the opening, I have had customers coming from Kagoshima City and Kirishima City,” says Iribe. “I want to make bread and buns that are not only delicious but also a part of daily life. I plan to increase the variety in the future.”

Open from 8:00 a.m. and closes when sold out. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Parking for three cars.

  • Exterior view of Bakery Panto

  • Kayoko Iribe, the owner of Bakery Panto

  • Inside the store, lined with freshly baked bread and buns

  • Crescent-shaped salted butter buns

  • Milk bread made using the hot water dough method