Kagoshima-based dog food manufacturer Buddycare begins donating to dog rescue organization

PUBLISHED Jun 12, 2023

President Harada (right) and his staff member encouraging people to use their products

Buddycare, a company manufacturing and distributing fresh dog food “Buddy FOOD,” began donating its product to a dog rescue organization on June 1.

Buddycare was founded and incorporated on April 1, 2021, after being selected as a finalist in the Kagoshima Prefecture Business Plan Contest. It produces dog food using ingredients mainly produced in Kagoshima Prefecture and offers them frozen online. In a donation drive that began this month, the company will donate 5% of its product sales via veterinary hospitals and clinics to Heart in Heart, a charity that helps rescue dogs.

The CEO, Kazuhisa Harada, was born in Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture. As a former trading company employee, he has lived and worked in Tokyo and the United States. Harada explains that he chose Kagoshima as his base since the prefecture has all the high-quality ingredients that the company needs, including meat, fish, and vegetables, and it is easy to commute to the production site. “Dogs are omnivores, and it is important for them to consume a good balance of meat, vegetables, and rice,” he says.

In August last year, the company began marketing the products to veterinarians, and by the end of May this year, the number of veterinary hospitals and clinics introducing the product range exceeded 600 nationwide. In Kagoshima Prefecture, 30 clinics support the products, and they provide coupon codes to those who wish to purchase dog food.

The company plans to release an application for its pet healthcare management platform this July. Harada says, “Lifestyle is responsible for 80% of dog deaths, but we have very little data on what happens before they get sick.” Through the subscription service launched in September 2021, the company has accumulated health management data on approximately 5,000 pets. With the launch of the application, the company hopes to provide further assistance in illness prevention and medical treatment.

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