Event ‘Yoshida DE Wakuwaku Festa’ to be held in Kagoshima’s Yoshida District

PUBLISHED Jun 14, 2023

The site of the former Yoshida Elementary School where the flea market will be held

The event “Yoshida DE Wakuwaku Festa” will take place on June 18 at the site of the former Yoshida Elementary School and in the rice fields next to the current school.

Kagoshima City’s Yoshida Branch Office will host the event, and it will be for the first time. The event was planned as part of Yoshida district’s goal of “creating a community filled with the sound of children’s laughter.” Organizers hope that visitors will enjoy an event full of Yoshida’s local atmosphere.

On the lawn of the former elementary school, there will be a flea market with roughly 30 stalls, a Chibikko Norider experience (for ages 2-6, participation fee: 500 yen), an outdoor maze, and a hole-in-one ground golf tournament. Fair stalls and food trucks will also be present.

Another event will take place in the rice fields next to the current school, utilizing the paddies before rice planting. It will feature Rice Paddy Flags, where children 12 years old and younger and their parents/guardians who sign up in advance will compete for the flags erected in the fields, dodgeball, quiz competitions, and other activities.

Masanobu Edamoto, manager of the Yoshida Branch Office’s General Affairs and Civic Affairs Division, hopes that the event will help people appreciate and become interested in Yoshida’s rich natural environment and other local resources and encourage them to return to Yoshida as repeat visitors.

The event will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.