e-Sports hub opens near Kagoshima Chuo Station, providing courses

PUBLISHED Jun 20, 2023

Open seating at Mirai JAPANNEXT PARK

It has been two months since the e-sports comprehensive facility Mirai JAPANNEXT PARK opened near Kagoshima Chuo Station.

Kobata Sogyo manages the facility. The company also operates four food and beverage establishments in Kagoshima City, including Kurobuta Shabunabe Hachiman. President Masamichi Kobata had the desire to expand beyond the food and beverage industry, which led to a partnership with Tomohiro Matsuda, the director of the Kagoshima Prefecture e-sports union, and opened the facility on April 20.

Located on the first basement floor of Hotel Gasthof at the east exit, the facility has an area of approximately 231 square meters. It features open seating with monitors from the display manufacturer JAPANNEXT, which has a sponsorship agreement with the facility (priced at 500 yen per hour), two live streaming rooms equipped with high-spec computers, and a community space for users to take breaks and hold meetings.

The facility also offers programming classes and video editing courses. To create a third place (a space other than home or work where people can relax and socialize), President Kobata mentioned that they want students well-versed in computers to support children, and the facility can serve as a self-study room where children can use computers while their parents shop at Chuo Station. There are also staff members available who are knowledgeable about PCs.

In the future, they plan to seek corporate sponsorship for facility operation and aim to create a space that functions like an after-school educational facility, such as providing free usage for children.

Opening hours: Noon – 10:00 p.m.

  • Entrance to the facility

  • Computers at the open seating

  • Example of Live Streaming Rooms

  • Room Equipped with Streaming Facilities

  • Community Space