Cake & Crepe store opens in Kagoshima’s Masagocho: From frozen cake vending to physical store

PUBLISHED Jun 27, 2023

Exterior view of Feel Free

Cake and Crepe Store Feel Free opened on June 2 in Masagocho, Kagoshima City.

The business is managed by the Arata-based company, TK, which operates ten establishments, including izakayas, such as Kengo Jr., Hanare, and Nibanboshi. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the company started operating frozen cake vending machines in three areas: Arata-Kishaba, Chuo Station, and Tenmonkan. However, as they realized that there are cakes that cannot be frozen and that frozen cakes require thawing time, they decided to open a dedicated takeout store.

The entrance is painted in shades of blue and pink, similar to the iconic Tiffany Blue color associated with the jewelry brand, to evoke the image of precious gems in their sweets. These two colors match the vending machines and are also “eye-catching colors,” according to the store manager, Fumihito Fukumitsu. The store name “Feel Free” was chosen to convey the message, “Feel free to drop by.”

The concept of the cakes is “cakes that are not overly sweet.” Fukumitsu explains, “To ensure that a family of four can eat a whole cake without leaving any, we use less sweet cream and give the cake itself a rich flavor.” The store offers whole cakes such as Fruit Decoration Size 4 (2,600 yen) and Choco Box Cake (3,000 yen). Birthday cakes are also available, which require reservation one day in advance.

Cakes available as a single slice are Shortcake (480 yen), Cheesecake (310 yen), Tiramisu, Cookie Choux, and various fruit-based tarts. The lineup of cakes changes seasonally, with plans to introduce fruit-based desserts during the summer and chocolate or caramel-based options during the fall.

As for crepes, the store offers 16 varieties based on strawberries, bananas, and fruit mixes, with different creams and sauces, priced at around 500 yen. There is also a course where customers can freely choose their toppings.

Fukumitsu calls for customers to “feel free to drop by,” as the store name suggests. He also mentioned plans to offer shaved ice during the summer.

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Closed on Wednesdays. One parking space is available behind the store (with plans to increase it in the future).

  • Display case at Feel Free

  • Crepe ordering area of Feel Free

  • Fruit-based cakes at Feel Free

  • Choco Box Cake Size 4