Seminar on condominium living in Kagoshima, including visit to new compact condominiums

PUBLISHED Jun 28, 2023

Visiting the condominiums

On June 23, a seminar focusing on condominium living was held at locations including the Sheraton Kagoshima. The event was organized by Develop Japan, a Haseko Group company that operates the platform “We LOVE Condominium Life,” which provides information related to condominium living.

The company launched the platform in February this year. It is primarily operated through the LINE official account “We LOVE Condominium Life” and is positioned as an interactive communication platform where individuals interested in condominium living or those already residing in condominiums can ask various questions through chat.

In March, they started conducting seminars in Kagoshima, ahead of the rest of the country, incorporating visits to newly built condominiums and networking events with individuals who have experience purchasing condominiums. This was the second event, and five women participated. The attendees included individuals interested in properties that are in high demand even for rental purposes and are easy to sell in the future, as well as those who wanted to consider it for their post-child-rearing second life.

On the day of the seminar, the participants visited the Branchera Delight Terukuni compact condominiums, which started occupancy in March. These condominiums have an average area of less than 60 square meters, with floor plans predominantly consisting of 1LDK (one bedroom, living, dining, kitchen) to 2LDK (two bedrooms, living, dining, kitchen), catering to single individuals or DINK (double income, no kids) households. It was mentioned that most of the units on the lower floors have already been sold.

The visit was guided by Shoko Shii, a local celebrity and host/reporter residing in Kagoshima. Shii purchased a condominium this year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, her work-from-home hours increased, and her previous rental studio apartment became cramped, prompting her decision to purchase a unit with a larger floor plan. During the visit, Shii shared various ideas she has incorporated into her daily life while residing in a similar unit.

After the visit, the participants moved to a hotel. In the seminar room, the staff of the platform provided explanations on the latest housing performance information, measures against volcanic ash, points to consider when purchasing, and more. Shii also shared her own experience of purchasing a condominium, emphasizing the importance of acquiring knowledge from professionals and making informed choices based on personal satisfaction.

The date of the next seminar will be announced through the LINE account.

  • Visiting the condominiums

  • Local celebrity Shoko Shii serving as a guide

  • The seminar

  • Shoko Shii sharing her experience of purchasing a condominium