Kagoshima’s Kokusan Komugiko Yamapan, bakery dedicated to using domestic flour, moved to Uearata-cho – 30 types of bread, including Yudane bread, available

PUBLISHED Apr 20, 2021

Exterior view of Kokusan Komugiko Yamapan

It has been a month since the bakery, Kokusan Komugiko Yamapan, relocated to Uearata-cho, Kagoshima City. (“Kokusan Komugiko” means “domestically grown wheat flour” in Japanese.)

The bakery was previously located in Shimoarata, and has been in operation for three years. “Since the kitchen was small and I was using home ovens and mixers, I could only bake about 10 kinds of bread a day, and the main product was plain bread. Now that the shop has been moved to a place where I can install commercial equipment, I can bake many kinds of bread. I can offer a wider variety now,” said Yamamoto Hirokazu, the owner of the bakery. He reopened the store in its new location on March 16.

30 types of bread are always available at the bakery. Yamapan’s signature items include Yudane Bread (1 loaf for 360 yen, 2 loaves for 720 yen), which is made with Hokkaido wheat flour using the Yudane (water roux) method to create a “chewy, fluffy texture”; Ciabatta (120 yen), which is made with Kyushu wheat flour Minami no Kaori and a sourdough starter (or levain); French bread (160 yen); and whole wheat Pain de Campagne (280 yen). As Yamamoto makes all the bread for the bakery and some days they are sold out, customers can call and reserve their favorite treats between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Yamamoto has been a baker for 34 years, and he has been holding regular Kagoshima Bread Making Classes (currently on hiatus) at his store “to get people interested in baking bread and help them enjoy professional grade bread at home.” He has also taught at the Department of Sweets & Café, Kyushu Institute of Tourism, and started teaching bread making at Imamura License Academy last year.

“The number of new customers has increased, and they are happy with what I offer. Once things are settled, I’m planning to restart bread making classes, so please stay tuned,” he added.

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (or until sold out). Closed on Sundays and Mondays. Two parking spaces available.

  • Plain bread from Kokusan Komugiko Yamapan

  • French bread from Kokusan Komugiko Yamapan