Kagoshima online shopping site ‘Kagoshima Gururi’ holds market event

PUBLISHED Jul 19, 2023

A scene from the previous event

Kagoshima Gururi Market,” selling fresh local vegetables and fruits from Kagoshima, will be held on July 22 and 23 in front of Kagoshima Chuo Station’s Midori-no-Madoguchi area.

This will be the second event of its kind, co-hosted by Ovision Inc. and JR Kyushu. Ovision is a startup company that supports the expansion of sales channels for Kagoshima producers and businesses through online sales. In October 2021, the company launched the “Kagoshima Gururi” online direct sales site, which exclusively features products made in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Currently, the site has over 200 producers showcasing their products. Junji Osono, the president, and staff personally visit the producers and select items based on their own criteria, such as “artisanal dedication” and “safety and reliability.” In May of this year, they held the first market event to promote the appeal of locally produced goods in a real-life setting, and it attracted approximately 300 visitors over the course of two days.

For this edition, Osono stated, “We have expanded the lineup of seasonal fruits.” The venue will feature mangoes from Minamiosumi, passion fruits and dragon fruits from Ibusuki, Kyoho-variety grapes from Ichikikushikino, and bananas from Tanegashima.

Additionally, they will introduce new cold drinks. They will offer original drinks in collaboration with the nearby bar Osake to Kajitsu KANJI, as well as fruit beers (Tankan, Dekopon “Daimasaki,” Hetsuka Daidai, and Komikan, priced at 800 yen each) from Honey Forest Brewing, a craft beer brewery in Minamiosumi. Sweets, such as cheesecakes and cookies from Suginoya and chiffon sandwiches from Sakurajima Nanami, will also be available.

Osono added, “Kagoshima has many delicious offerings. Come and enjoy the seasonal flavors.”

The event will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  • Osono encouraging attendance

  • Sakura Jima Nanami’s sandwich