Dog Salon Bell opens in Kagoshima’s Kotokujidai with pet hotel & dog run

PUBLISHED Jul 20, 2023

Inside Dog Salon Bell

It has been two months since the dog grooming salon Dog Salon Bell opened near Yamakataya Store Kotokuji.

The salon, which opened on May 21, offers both pet hotel and dog-run services and was founded by groomer Suzuka Sugiyama. Although Sugiyama had previously worked as a groomer in Fukuoka and Osaka, she decided to establish her own salon in her hometown. Her aim was to create a spacious and stress-free environment for dogs, leading her to open the salon in Kotokujidai.

The grooming services are exclusively for dogs, with three course options available: shampoo, cut, and simple trim. The prices vary depending on the breed of the dog. Examples of the simple trim course are 1,200 yen for a Chihuahua (smooth coat) and 2,200 yen for a Pomeranian. The salon also provides single services such as nail clipping and ear cleaning, as well as partial trimming. Sugiyama emphasizes that she ensures both dogs and herself are comfortable during the grooming process. If needed, she consults with the dog’s owner and divides the grooming into multiple sessions based on the dog’s attention span.

The pet hotel has five rooms. Charges vary per night: small dogs cost 4,400 yen, 5,500 yen for medium-sized, large dogs require consultation for pricing, and 3,300 yen for cats. The dog run is located behind the salon and has a usage fee of 220 yen without time restrictions.

Sugiyama added: “I focus on meeting the needs of the dogs in every aspect and being flexible to accommodate requests from their owners. I am trying to create an enjoyable environment, so please come and visit the salon.” She often shares pictures of the dogs after grooming on the salon’s Instagram.

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Closed on Tuesdays. The salon provides parking space for four cars.

  • Exterior view of Dog Salon Bell

  • Grooming room at Dog Salon Bell

  • Pet Hotel of Dog Salon Bell

  • Dog Run at Dog Salon Bell