Tori no Miyama outlet opened in Komatsubara, Kagoshima – Offering Chicken Sashimi and Yangnyeom Chicken

PUBLISHED Apr 22, 2021

Exterior view of Tori no Miyama – Komatsubara

One month has passed since the opening of Tori no Miyama – Komatsubara in Komatsubara, Kagoshima City.

The shop opened on March 12, and it is managed by Miyama Sangyo. Miyama Sangyo operates Chicken Cuisine Miyama Honpo in the Kagoshima-Chuo Station building, Tenmonkan, Kokubu, and Kirishima, along with takeout shops for side dishes and lunch boxes in Hayato and Kokubu. The company opened a new shop in Komatsubara after receiving many requests to open an outlet in Kagoshima City.

Their offerings include Chicken Sashimi (278 yen/100g); Oidon no Karaage (228 yen/100g), Japanese fried chicken made with Kagoshima’s Fukuyama black vinegar; Yangnyeom Chicken (258 yen/100g); Kagoshima’s local specialty Goteyaki (350 yen/piece), grilled chicken thighs with special sauce; and Karaage Bento (380 yen), a bento box made with Japanese fried chicken.

“The special sashimi sauce that we use for chicken sashimi was passed down from my grandmother. We also recommend using it for salads and tofu,” said the President of Miyama Sangyo, Sakawa Ryoichi.

“We also accept large orders of lunch boxes for offices and junior sports clubs. We hope you will enjoy the refined taste that we have cultivated as a chicken specialty restaurant for 30 years.”

Opening hours: 11:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

  • Chicken Sashimi from Tori no Miyama – Komatsubara

  • Goteyaki from Tori no Miyama – Komatsubara

  • Chicken Nanban Bento from Tori no Miyama – Komatsubara