Shochu Mendon’s 1-sho bottles to launch on August 1, alongside Shochu Train event

PUBLISHED Jul 25, 2023

Shochu Mendon

On August 1, Mishima Village Office will release 1-sho bottles of their shochu brand “Shochu Mendon.”

Shochu Mendon is a brand produced by the “Mishima Shochu Muku no Kura (みしま焼酎 無垢の蔵),” the village-run shochu distillery. It is made using sweet potatoes from Satsuma-Iwojima and manufactured and sold with the technical support of Hamada Shuzo in Ichikikushikino City. Up until now, it has been available in 720-milliliter bottles, but they are launching 1-sho (1,800ml) bottles. The name “Mendon” refers to masked deities that appear as part of the Hassaku Odori festival of Iwo Jima Island, which has been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Compared to their other main brand, “Shochu Mishimamura,” Mendon has a stronger aroma of sweet potatoes, making it preferred by shochu enthusiasts, according to the representative. They recommend enjoying it mixed with carbonated water. They hope this opportunity will help people discover the charm of Mendon.

On the evening of August 4, they will charter the Kagoshima City tram and run a commemorative event “Shochu Train.” During the approximately two-hour ride, participants can enjoy Shochu Mendon and a special bento meal. This event will be held for the third time. In the previous events, the number of participants was limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but this time, they will accept the original capacity of 26 people (participation fee: 5,000 yen, reservation required, first-come, first-served basis).

The price of Shochu Mendon is 6,900 yen (1,800 ml, 25% alcohol).

  • The tram transformed into the “Mendon-go” shochu train

  • Interior of the shochu train “Mendon-go”