Kagoshima’s duo music unit ‘Hatomusubi’ releases new album, to perform at the Marché

PUBLISHED Jul 26, 2023

Udon-chan (left) and Masaki Tokudome (right) of “Hatomusubi”

On July 30, Kagoshima’s duo music unit “Hatomusubi” will perform songs from their new album “Kuu Neru Utau” at the Himawari Marché held at the Urban Agriculture Center.

The Hatomusubi consists of vocalist Udon-chan and guitarist Masaki Tokudome, formed in 2017. In June of this year, they released their first full album “Kuu Neru Utau” (13 songs in total). The album includes several songs that Tokudome, also a community songwriter, created through his engagement with local communities and organizations.

Among the tracks are “Kakaka – Kawa no Uta,” which resonates with the concept of the Kawanai Riverfront Marché, where people meet by the river, exchange hearts, and experience a change in mood; “Izako Toiro,” which was produced as part of the Inuzako Elementary School’s 130th-anniversary project to reexamine the charms of the region through music-making; and “Watashi wa Watashi,” in which Tokudome participated in Kagoshima Prefecture’s gender equality project “#watashi wa watashi” and incorporated the feelings he experienced during that time, keywords, and the atmosphere of the project’s space into the song.

Tokudome says, “Kakaka song has an easy-to-understand rhythm and lyrics that even children can grasp, so I hope they can listen and sing along while moving their bodies. If it brightens their mood, I’ll be happy.” Regarding “Watashi wa Watashi,” meaning “I am who I am,” he mentioned that the lyrics “It’s okay if you can’t speak up (your troubles or what you want to say), just be yourself” capture the essence of the song, embracing the unexpressed feelings and accepting oneself while being close to one’s heart.

During the event, the duo plans to perform about six songs from the new album and also include past tracks and covers, adjusting the performance to the audience and atmosphere. Tokudome encourages the audience to connect with the community through their songs and to experience various thoughts and feelings that people have. He suggests, “Why not incorporate singing into your life as a means of expression? Feel free to consult with us about creating songs for the community.”

The performance schedule at the Himawari Marché is as follows: Act 1 from 10:00 to 10:30 a.m., Act 2 from 11:00 to 11:30 a.m. Admission is free. The CD album is priced at 2,200 yen and will be available at various locations throughout Kagoshima, as well as on Hatomusubi’s online store. Performance information after August will be announced on Instagram.