Sakurajima Coffee & Plus opens in Kagoshima’s Tamazato Danchi

PUBLISHED Aug 17, 2023

Turquoise-colored café

On August 16, the café Sakurajima Coffee & Plus at Tamazato Danchi in Kagoshima City had its grand opening.

It is a branch of Sakurajima Coffee & Bakery (Sakurajima Shirahamacho), a coffee shop in a light blue mobile home. The Tamazato branch is housed in a standalone building with an exterior painted in the same turquoise as the main branch. The concept is “a place and a café for adults and children.” Since they plan to open supplementary classes in April next year, the interior is equipped with a blackboard, tables, and chairs that are conducive to learning. They had a soft opening in June and were mainly operating on weekends.

The menu changes daily, and items they offer incude croissant sandwiches, rice burgers, parfaits, house-roasted coffee, fruit juices, and baked goods. They also provide a breakfast menu, including a croissant sandwich and coffee set (500 yen).

The café also sells coffee beans “Sakurajima Blend,” which are roasted at the main Sakurajima branch. “We roast them little by little frequently, so they are always fresh and aromatic,” says the manager, Junko Maida.

The café hosts occasional events. In August, they held events such as making fermented seasonings like tomato koji and crafting terrarium note stands. On September 23, a “Craft Workshop in English,” where participants can learn English while making terrariums, is planned.

Looking ahead, Maida says, “We would like to establish a local specialty shop for Sakurajima and offer locally grown fruits and vegetables. Please come and enjoy a cup of coffee.”

During August, the café’s opening hours are irregular, and they will announce operating days and hours on Instagram. Closed on Sundays and public holidays. The parking area accommodates three cars.

  • Example of a Croissant Sandwich

  • Interior with blackboard

  • Sakurajima Blend for sale