Kagoshima’s first tapioca drink specialty shop, Tea Way, opens in Li-Ka, Kagoshima-Chuo Station

PUBLISHED Apr 23, 2021

Exterior view of Tea Way Li-Ka: Kagoshima-Chuo Station

On April 23, the tapioca drink specialty shop Tea Way opened on the first floor of the commercial complex Li-Ka 1920. Although the complex is set to open in June, individual tenants have already started to open their doors ahead of its grand opening.

Tea Way is managed by Shake Hands based in Fukuoka. The company, which started the tapioca drink business in 2008, has opened 16 shops in Kyushu, Chugoku, and Shikoku, and this is its first shop in Kagoshima Prefecture.

All drinks are served with tapioca. The tapioca used at Tea Way is the shop’s original “large pearl tapioca with collagen,” manufactured without preservatives in a factory in Fukuoka. The drinks are made shaken using a shaker after receiving orders.

The line-up includes Premium Milk Tea (490 yen), Superior Strawberry Milk (570 yen), Passion Fruit Milk Tea (460 yen), Nata de Coco Jasmine Tea (530 yen), and more.

There are 14 base flavors to choose from, including milk tea, black tea, Uji green tea, chocolate, black sesame, mango, and passion fruit. Toppings such as tapioca (90 yen), whipped cream (90 yen), nata de coco (90 yen), and almond jelly (60 yen) are also available, and the tapioca that is originally included in the drink can be replaced with other toppings for free.

Limited-time products will also be introduced, and Melon Smoothie (650 yen) and Premium Milk Tea Mousse Smoothie (660 yen) will go on sale in May.

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Each customer who purchases at the shop will receive one Tea Way Original Cup Holder. (The offer will end when all the cup holders have been claimed.)

  • Various drinks at Tea Way Li-Ka: Kagoshima-Chuo Station

  • Large pearl tapioca with collagen used at Tea Way Li-Ka: Kagoshima-Chuo Station