‘Renoplus+’ for houseplants / interior goods / DIY opens in Kagoshima Arata

PUBLISHED Aug 21, 2023

Interior of Renoplus+

On August 4, Renoplus+, a store selling ornamental plants, interior goods, and DIY products, opened near Kagoshima University.

Business Partner, a company engaged in renovation projects, manages the store. This year, the company launched a Lifestyle Business Division and opened stores for plants and DIY products. The concept is “Friendly to the Earth and People,” and the company aims to be one that strives for a society where everyone can live comfortably, starting with small, everyday actions. The store’s name incorporates meanings such as “adding extra something to renovation projects” and “adding greenery and interior to homes.”

Inside is lined with a variety of houseplants of different sizes. From small palm-sized plants to larger ones suitable for gifting, including hanging plant varieties, are available.

Interior goods include tableware, vases, lighting fixtures, and diffusers, to name a few. The store also offers products made from reused glass, where discarded glass is repurposed and finished by artisans. The DIY section provides shelf brackets, iron bars for hanging towels and accessories, doorknobs, paper holders, and more.

Store manager Haruka Uenosono says, “We want to be a neighborhood oasis where people can drop by casually. Please come and chat with us and enjoy the soothing greenery.”

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Closed on Wednesdays and public holidays.

  • Display of houseplants

  • Various sizes of ornamental plants

  • Palm-sized pots

  • DIY parts section