Company president in Kagoshima publishes business book: ‘50 Techniques to Become a Likable Leader’

PUBLISHED Aug 22, 2023

Author, Akiko Miyanohara

On August 16, Akiko Miyanohara, the president of Kagoshima-based staffing agency Seiyu in Daikokucho, Kagoshima City, published her first book titled “50 Techniques to Become a Likable Leader: Creating Teams to Solve Manpower Shortages (Japanese title: 好かれるリーダーに変わる50の技術〜人手不足を解消するチームのつくり方〜)” (Published by Seluba Publishing).

Miyanohara took over Seiyu, which was founded in 1981, at the age of 20. The company specializes in dispatching staff for weddings and parties, coordinating models, talents, and hosts, and promoting food products. Additionally, they engage in activities such as introducing foreign personnel and managing restaurants. The group’s affiliated companies also operate welfare businesses for people with disabilities. They manage Tenmonkan Kajitsudo, Aquarium’s Kajitsudo, and the café Brew adjacent to Tenmonkan Library, providing Type A and Type B continuous employment support

In this book, based on her experiences and guidance to a staff that exceeds over 10,000 people annually, Miyanohara compiles leadership skills that allow for maximizing team strength and preventing staff turnover. The book is structured into seven chapters, including topics such as “Communication to Understand Others” and “Work Techniques to Make the Most of Everyone.”

The first chapter emphasizes the importance of not being disliked as the most crucial aspect of becoming a likable leader. It states, “Even if you are saying something reasonable, people won’t hear the words of someone they dislike,” and emphasizes the significance of leaders avoiding being disliked. The following chapters incorporate Miyanohara’s concrete methods for becoming a likable person, including communication techniques and choice of words. Miyanohara, who also serves as a lecturer in “charisma studies,” includes her insights in these chapters.

Miyanohara intends the readers to be “business owners, leaders of various departments, part-time workers, and even leaders of temporary positions – anyone who works with a team, regardless of its size.” She says, “It is a waste when someone we have hired decides to leave. I am enthusiastic about this book becoming the foundation for alleviating workforce shortages and spreading its message from Kagoshima to all over Japan.”

The book is 1,760 yen with 184 pages (128mm×188mm).

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