Side dish & bento store ‘Hiyoko Table’ opens in Kagoshima

PUBLISHED Aug 29, 2023

Salad section at Hiyoko Table

Hiyoko Table (Shimoishiki, Kagoshima City), a store offering side dishes and bento-boxed lunches, opened along Kagoshima National Route 3 on July 30.

The store has a floor space of approximately 66 square meters. With the concept of a “mini depachika,” which means “mini department store basement” where these food halls are located, it offers around 70 varieties of vibrantly colored salads, side dishes, and bento boxes. The store owner’s experience with the fact that “department store basements often result in higher prices than expected due to items being sold by weight” has led to a different approach here. All items are pre-packaged before sale. The containers for the side dishes mainly consist of plate-type designs, allowing them to be presented directly on the dining table without the need for transferring onto plates.

For the side dishes, there are options such as Milan-style Tonkatsu topped with pizza sauce and cheese (637 yen), Beef Tendon Croquettes (548 yen), Roast Beef, Japanese-style Hamburg Steak, and Karaage, and some items come as a set with vegetables and sauce for garnish. The salad selection includes Salmon Salad and Salad with Three Types of Ham (both priced at 756 yen), incorporating red and yellow vegetables and presented with visually appealing arrangements. The bento box lineup spans a wide range, from Chinese and Japanese cuisine to Western-style dishes, sandwiches, bara chirashi (a type of chirashi bowl with small pieces of sashimi), and Oshizushi (pressed sushi).

The owner’s foremost emphasis is on the “daily handmade” aspect. They state, “We receive various requests from customers, so we want to create dishes that incorporate those while also considering seasonal ingredients. We aim to offer prepared dishes that are not typically made at home due to their complexity and that are not commonly found in supermarkets.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Closed on Mondays. Parking space for 12 cars.

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