Boxed lunch shop opens in Nishiishiki, Kagoshima – The first physical shop from United Marché

PUBLISHED Apr 27, 2021

Various lunch boxes from Cuu Café

It has been three months since the bento (boxed lunch) shop Cuu Café opened in Nishiishiki, Kagoshima City.

The shop opened on January 18. Taira Sayuri, the owner of Cuu Café, said: “I decided to open the shop because I wanted to bring a smile to people’s faces with food, as they are spending more and more time at home.” Ever since Taira can remember, she has been fascinated by how food can bring smiles to people’s faces, and this led her to go to culinary school. After gaining experience, she opened a bento stand at United Marché, or Yuna-marché, the gourmet food booth at the Kagoshima United FC stadium. Cuu Café is her first physical shop. The name of the shop “Cuu” means “to eat” in Japanese. Although the name includes the word café, it will operate as a boxed lunch shop for the time being due to the coronavirus crisis. “I want to open a café one day,” Taira added.

The Karaage Bento (500 yen), Japanese fried chicken boxed lunch prepared by marinating chicken in lemon juice, has a “refreshing taste,” says Taira. Other line-ups include Bibimbap Bowl (600 yen) and Weekly Special Bento (650 yen), which features something different every week such as Pork Loin Cutlet and the Indonesian dish Nasi Goreng.

“I feel so delighted when people tell me how delicious my lunches are. I want to keep offering a fun menu for everyone – something that customers will enjoy when they choose their bento,” she said with enthusiasm.

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Closed on Wednesdays, Sundays, and holidays.

  • Inside Cuu Café

  • Bibimbap Bowl from Cuu Café

  • Yakiniku Bento from Cuu Café