Athletic trainer opens conditioning studio in Shiroyama, Kagoshima City

PUBLISHED May 19, 2021

The studio of Conditioning KULIA

Conditioning KULIA, a studio that offers training based on the individual’s body concerns and condition, opened in Shiroyama, Kagoshima City on May 1.

Nakamura Nana, the owner of the studio, has been involved in sports-related work as an athletic trainer and engaged in the health management of athletes, injury prevention, first aid, rehabilitation, and training of injured athletes. The concept of the studio is to “move and regulate.” “This is a place where you can regulate your body and mind through physical activities,” said Nakamura.

“We provide counseling and training to all kinds of people — for example, to those who with physical ailments, who want to maintain and improve their health, who are worried about not being able to compete due to injury, and who want to address lack of exercise — so that they can get themselves into good physical and mental condition by moving their bodies.”

The studio is about 17 square meters in size. The name of the studio, KULIA, is Hawaiian and means to strive, to do the best, or to make an effort. “I’m not trying to force my clients to work hard or make an extra effort. Instead, I want to provide a place where they can feel comfortable, feel the sense of accomplishment, because of their own efforts,” she said.

Each session runs for 60 minutes. The training menu includes Personal Training (5,000 yen per session) and Semi-Personal/Small Group Training (2,500 yen per person for two people; 2,000 yen per person for three people). Athletic Rehabilitation, which provides guidance on rehabilitation, training, and self-care, costs 3,000 yen for the initial counseling, and 5,000 yen per session after the second visit. On-site training is also available for Kagoshima City, Hioki City, and Minamisatsuma City (8,000 yen per session). Courses with coupon tickets are also available.

Other services include taping instructions; Tecnica Gavilan, an instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy; and mat Pilates.

“We offer training that meets the needs of each individual, whether it is to help them live a comfortable daily life or to improve their performance in sports. Even if you are not confident in your fitness or just want to exercise, please feel free to join us,” Nakamura added.

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. By appointment only. Sessions outside regular hours may be arranged by appointment at least one day in advance.

  • A training session

  • The exterior of the building where Conditioning KULIA is located.