Tsubo-yakiimo shop in Arata, Kagoshima, enhances cold dessert menu: chilled yakiimo, pudding available

PUBLISHED May 26, 2021

A variety of sweets from Satsuma Tsubo-Yakiimo TODOROKI

Satsuma Tsubo-Yakiimo TODOROKI, a takeout shop specializing in clay-pot baked sweet potatoes in Arata, Kagoshima City, is enhancing its lineup of cold desserts made with yakiimo (baked sweet potatoes).

The shop opened on March 1. It has four clay pots for baking sweet potatoes, and 12 sweet potatoes can be cooked in a pot at a time. It takes two hours to bake the potatoes. “When the temperature reaches 60 to 70 degrees Celsius, saccharification occurs, and the sweetness increases,” says Matsubaguchi Yuji, the owner of the shop. The temperature inside the pot eventually reaches 180 degrees. “Rather than baking the potatoes at a high temperature all at once, taking the time to bake them slowly brings out their natural flavor,” he said.

In addition to Tsubo-yakiimo (350 yen) baked in a special pot, desserts such as Oimo Brûlée (650 yen), sweet potato brûlée made with homemade custard and brown sugar; Oimo Monaka (250 yen), wafer cake filled with sweet potatoes; and Oimo Butter (500 yen), buttered baked sweet potatoes, are available. From this month, Sweet Potato Pie (180 yen) and Sweet Potato Pudding (300 yen) have been added to the menu. The current item recommended by the staff is Chilled Tsubo-yakiimo (350 yen), as “when chilled, the starch in the sweet potatoes turns into resistant starch.”

Matsubaguchi was one of the first to open a tapioca drink specialty shop, Tairakucha, in Kagoshima in July 2019. The baked sweet potato shop also offers 15 original tapioca drinks.

“Our baked sweet potatoes are moist, and you can eat the skin and all. We also have many cold desserts for the summer season. We are looking forward to your visit,” Matsubaguchi added.

Opening hours: 11:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

  • The exterior of Satsuma Tsubo-Yakiimo TODOROKI

  • Various sweets from Satsuma Tsubo-Yakiimo TODOROKI