Second-hand record store in Terukunicho, Kagoshima, reopens with over 5,000 selections

PUBLISHED Jun 1, 2021


GADGET, a second-hand vinyl record store in Terukunicho, Kagoshima City, reopened its store on the street level on May 28.

Since its opening in 2004, the store had been operating on the third floor of the building. Having moved to its current location, the new store is now filled with boxes stocked with vinyl records by age and genre, as well as T-shirts and other merchandise with record-themed illustrations.

GADGET carries all genres except classical music. Okumura Akira, the store’s owner, said: “We have not only classic Japanese pop, City pop that is seeing a revival, and the universally popular Beatles and Carpenters, but also have rare vinyl records that will impress DJs and music enthusiasts.” The number of records in the shop is about 5,000, and the prices start at 500 yen and go up to tens of thousands of yen. Every record in the store is accompanied by a detailed comment from Okumura. Including everything in storage, GADGET carries over 20,000 vinyl records. He also runs an online store, GADGET/Disque.JP, which receives orders from vinyl lovers all over the country.

“In this age of subscription services, more and more people are choosing to buy vinyl records. In the U.S., it has been reported that sales of vinyl have surpassed those of CDs in recent years,” says Okumura.

“I think one of the reasons why vinyl records have been attracting attention again is that it requires one extra step to enjoy music by dropping the needle on the record. I would like to keep sharing the warm sound they produce and the appeal of large, eye-catching record jackets with people in Kagoshima.”

Opening hours: 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

  • Second-hand vinyl records and related products are lining up inside GADGET

  • Inside GADGET, a store specializing in second-hand vinyl records

  • The exterior of GADGET, a store specializing in second-hand vinyl records