Eatery offering Tantanmen near Kagoshima Chuo Station – ‘Soupless’ available for takeout

PUBLISHED Jun 2, 2021

The exterior of Karaage Mitchy x Tantanmen Kimura

It has been two months since the opening of Karaage Mitchy x Tantanmen Kimura in the Ichibangai shopping arcade near Kagoshima-Chuo Station.

The restaurant operates as a standing bar, Tachinomi Bar – Michiya, at night and has begun operating as Karaage Mitchy x Tantanmen Kimura during lunch hours since April 1. It is a collaboration with Mensakaba Kimura, which has its main restaurant in Makurazaki City and is also a franchisor. Moriyama Tatsuya, the manager of the restaurant, said: “We decided to focus on lunch since we are still in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. We chose to serve Tantanmen noodles as both owners had a connection to it.”

There are only two types of Tantanmen dishes on the menu; with and without soup. The With-Soup Tantanmen (900 yen), with spicy sansho pepper, is served with Japanese fried chicken (karaage) — the signature dish of Tachinomi Bar – Michiya, which is open at nighttime. The Soupless Tantanmen (900 yen) comes with an Onsen Tamago (soft-boiled egg), fried chicken, and additional rice. It also offers two lunch-hour-only takeout items: Karaage Bento (600 yen) — Japanese fried chicken boxed lunch — and Soupless Tantanmen (800 yen).

“Since we opened our lunchtime restaurant, the number of customers and sales have doubled. We want to make this a place where people can drop in casually and fill their stomachs. Hoping that our customers will come to us on a regular basis,” Moriyama added.

Opening hours: 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Closed on Tuesdays.