Western-style izakaya in Kagoshima City moves to new location – Place for day-drinking

PUBLISHED Jul 6, 2021

The staff of Yofu Izakaya Akiyoshi

Two and a half months have passed since the relocation of Yofu Izakaya Akiyoshi to its current location in Chuocho, Kagoshima City.

The Western-style izakaya was formerly located on Miyako Dori St. but has moved to Bell Dori St. near Kagoshima Chuo Station. “In the previous location, we sometimes had to turn customers away when we had a large number of customers because we didn’t have enough seating to accommodate all. I’ve always wanted to have a more spacious shop so that more people could enjoy,” said Chishiki Akira, the owner of the izakaya. It relocated on April 1, and the new location has more counter seats and private rooms.

The featured items on the menu are meat dishes. The Meat Bar Course (from 3,500 yen) features beef chuck flap, sausage on a bone, and chicken, which also includes roast beef salad, red wine braised beef tendon, and pasta with ragu sauce. Other items on the menu are Homemade Salsiccia and Sausage (690 yen), which are “characterized by their firm meatiness,” and Taco Rice with Cheddar Cheese (890 yen) with full of minced meat and spices.

“Tortillas, avocado salmon dip, and chilled anchovy tomatoes are also recommended items,” said Chishiki. The Sweet Cream Cheese and Sweet Potato Sticks (580 yen) and Homemade Smooth Tofu (490 yen) have been popular with women since the beginning. A wide variety of drinks and wines are also available.

Last December, Chishiki also opened a day-drinking bar, Taishu IIzakaya Nishikichiya, on Nishi-Ginza Dori St. near the station. “The reason I continue to try hard in these times is that I appreciate the support I receive and want to meet the expectations of my regular customers. All of our staff are energetic and lively — I want people in Kagoshima to get to know our izakaya. I have the ambition to make this place the best in Kagoshima,” he added.

Opening hours: 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Closed on Mondays.

  • Inside Yofu Izakaya Akiyoshi

  • Counter seating of Yofu Izakaya Akiyoshi

  • Homemade salsiccia from Yofu Izakaya Akiyoshi

  • Sweet Cream Cheese and Sweet Potato Sticks from Yofu Izakaya Akiyoshi