Roaster/Coffee shop opens in Kagoshima’s museum – Herbal teas, homemade cakes available

PUBLISHED Jul 14, 2021

Basque-style Cheesecake

It has been almost two months since the opening of the Roaster/Coffee Shop Buta Penguin – Kinmeru in the Kagoshima Modern Literature Museum & Kagoshima Marchen Fairy Tale Museum in Shiroyamacho, Kagoshima City.

The coffee shop opened on May 19. It used to be located on the first floor of the MBC Gakuen in Shiroyamacho but relocated to the current location when the school closed. Since the Modern Literature Museum and the Fairy Tale Museum, where the coffee shop resides, have the nickname “Kinmeru,” they decided to call it the Kinmeru branch. Furubeppu Masumi, the owner, said that they added mild curry for children to the menu as the museum has many visitors with children.

The coffee shop covers an area of 100 square meters, and there are only table seats, which accommodate about 20 people. The shop uses coffee beans roasted at its roastery in Honmyocho, Kagoshima City, and offers Healthy-Blend Coffee and iced coffee (500 yen each), as well as decaffeinated coffee (500 yen) for those who want to enjoy coffee without caffeine. Beans are also sold in the shop.

In addition to coffee, herbal teas (from 550 yen) such as Flying Buta-Pen Blue Sky Tea, made with Butterfly Pea which has a distinctive blue color, and Lady Buta-Pen Beauty, a blend of rose, heather, hibiscus, and orange blossom, are available. The lineup of sweet treats made by the staff includes Basque-style Cheesecake, Chiffon Cake Trifle, and Terrine de Chocolat, with prices starting from 500 yen.

Furubeppu said, “We brew each coffee by grinding our own roasted beans after receiving orders. Now is the season to enjoy iced coffee, so please come and cool off.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

  • Flying Buta-Pen Blue Sky Tea with fizzy water

  • Chiffon Cake from Roaster/Coffee Shop Buta Penguin - Kinmeru