Fried Chicken shop in Kagoshima: Serving tender chicken prepared with French cooking methods

PUBLISHED Jul 15, 2021

The exterior of Mr. Chicken

Mr. Chicken, a takeout-only shop specializing in Japanese-style fried chicken, opened in Shimotatsuocho, Kagoshima City, on June 22.

Mr. Chicken is the first independent business that the owner, Muro Tatsuya, established. Muro has been involved in the opening and management of restaurants, Jukusei Yakiniku Gyudo! and Bistro Le Gyudo!, which offer meat dishes using Satsuma Fukunaga beef and has also served as the sales manager of Satsuma Fukunaga Farm to promote the brand of Japanese Black beef. “I wanted to make use of my experience in French cuisine at Bistro Le Gyudo! to offer fried chicken using French techniques,” he explained his decision to open the establishment.

The shop, which is about 3.5 square meters in size, is a glass-walled, open style. “Customers can see everything from the battering to the frying. I want people to enjoy while waiting,” said Muro. He and his old friend, Higashinakamura of Wood Scale, did everything from demolition to the construction of the shop.

Its fried chicken is seasoned using French techniques and is “juicy, moist and tender.” At the moment, there are five types on the menu: Thighs (100 yen each), Wings (100 yen each), Wing Tulips (150 yen each), and Bento Boxed Lunches (with two thighs for 300 yen, four thighs for 500 yen).

Muro added: “I have set the prices such that people can come to the shop on a regular basis and order from one item. I hope that people will feel free to drop by for lunch, dinner, after club activities, snacks, and many other occasions.”

Opening hours: 11:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (or until sold out), Closed on Sundays and holidays.

  • Various fried chicken pieces from Mr. Chicken

  • The bento boxed lunch from Mr. Chicken

  • Mr. Chicken logo