Total sales of Kagoshima dialect stickers exceed 10,000: “Spread your love for Kagoshima”

PUBLISHED Jul 19, 2021

Kagoshima-ben stickers

The total number of Kagoshima-ben — Kagoshima dialect — stickers sold at Michi-no-Eki (roadside stops), local product markets, and hotels in Kagoshima Prefecture has exceeded 10,000 in May.

The stickers feature various expressions in the Kagoshima dialect. They went on sale in December 2015, and now 51 different types are available. Sasaki Sadayuki, a local celebrity, plans and produces the stickers. Sasaki, the leader of the comedy group Omoshitega, which performs in the Kagoshima dialect, first created stickers for the group members. When he sold them after the performance, they were more popular than he expected. After an acquaintance told him that there were some stickers featuring phrases in the Kansai dialect, he came up with the idea of producing the Kagoshima dialect version.

The Kagoshima dialect word “he” immediately came to his mind. The word “he” has three meanings: a fart, volcanic ash, and a fly. He gathered ideas from unique local expressions and consulted with designers to commercialize them.

With the help of acquaintances, he has expanded his sales network and now sells his stickers at nine stores, including the local roadside stops, a specialty & gift shop Nantan-ichiba, Shiroyama Hotel, Hotel Kyocera, and the Kagoshima Specialties Market Kagoichi. In Kagoshima City, Kagoichi in Tenmonkan carries the largest variety of stickers.

In January 2019, he began promoting Kagoshima-ben T-shirts, a combination of Kagoshima dialect phrases and illustrations, on the online store SUZURI, where shoppers can create their original items. He is also planning to start selling Kagoshima-ben stickers online shortly.

“I have sold 10,000 stickers, but I haven’t seen anyone using them anywhere,” said Sasaki with a wry smile. “I’m sure there are many places to stick them on, such as on Keep Bottles at bars, computers, and smartphones. I hope that many people put the stickers on various places and spread their love for Kagoshima.”

  • Kagoshima-ben stickers on display at the Kagoshima specialty market Kagoichi

  • Kagoshima-ben stickers lined up at the specialty & gift shop Nantan Ichiba in Minamiosumi-cho