Warabimochi specialty store opens in Amu Plaza Kagoshima – Exclusive parfait available

PUBLISHED Jul 20, 2021

Warabimocchiri Parfait

It has been a month since the opening of Torori Tenshi no Warabimochi – Kagoshima Chuo Station Branch on the seventh floor of the Amu Plaza Premium Building at Kagoshima Chuo Station. Good Fellows Dining manages the store. The store specializes in Warabimochi, a sweet Japanese confection made of starch, which comes from rhizomes of warabi bracken fern.

The store opened on June 7. Torori Tenshi no Warabimochi opened its first store in Nakazakicho, Osaka, last August (now relocated to Tenjinbashi). The store has franchise outlets all across the country, and the Kishaba branch opened in April is the first one in Kagoshima, and the Chuo Station branch is the second in the prefecture. On the 2nd of this month, the Tenmonkan branch also opened.

The Chuo Station branch covers an area of 120 square meters and has a space in the center that can comfortably seat 10 people, as well as 15 tables. The menu includes Fresh Warabimochi (600 yen each) served with wasanbon sugar or sweet bean paste; Warabimochi Drink (650 yen each) with a choice of black sugar, milk tea, or matcha green tea flavor; and Cream Warabimochi (450 yen each), which comes in plain, black sesame, and hojicha tea flavors. Cream Warabimochi can be taken out frozen and will be “thawed just right to enjoy by the time brought home.” Also available exclusively at the Chuo Station branch is the Warabimocchiri Parfait (650 yen), consisting of Warabimochi with matcha flavored agar jelly and ice cream, topped with black sugar syrup.

Manager Tajiri Nami said: “Our recommendation is the fresh Warabimochi. It is made from genuine warabi bracken starch, only 70 grams of which can be obtained from 10 kilograms of bracken rhizomes. I hope customers will enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth sensation.”

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

  • Warabimochi and various drinks

  • Inside the Torori Tenshi no Warabimochi - Kagoshima Chuo Station Branch