Women-only lymphatic treatment salon opens in Kagoshima – Massage performed with feet

PUBLISHED Jul 30, 2021

The exterior of Lymph OPEN Therapy - Tokimeki

Lymph OPEN Therapy – Tokimeki (心花), a women-only salon that specializes in a massage technique using feet instead of hands, opened near Maruya Gardens in Kagoshima City on July 12. Lymph OPEN Therapy is designed to open the lymphatic pathways and encourage the lymph flow.

The salon’s female staff wear tabi (Japanese socks) and treat the entire body of the client using the wide parts of their feet. The name of the salon, 心花, is made up of the characters — 心, which means Heart, and 花, which means Flower. The owner, Kuroki Ako, said, “I chose the name with the hope that everyone will be able to go about their daily lives with flowers in their hearts and smiles on their faces.” The salon has an area of 33 square meters, and the interior is based on a white color scheme.

The treatment menu includes a 20-minute course (3,000 yen), a 40-minute course (4,000 yen), and a 60-minute course (5,500 yen).

Kuroki added: “Today’s women go through various things in life — from marriage to childbirth to childcare to housework — and around the time they reach menopause in their 50s, they have to care for their parents. This leads to a gradual imbalance of the mind and body, which in turn impacts their health. We hope that such women will come to our salon and use it as a place of relaxation.”

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (Last call for treatment). Closed on Sundays. By appointment only.

  • The treatment at Lymph OPEN Therapy – Tokimeki in Daikokucho, Kagoshima City