Kagoshima’s school uniform reuse store seeks volunteer members for reuse project

PUBLISHED Aug 4, 2021

Children participating in a hands-on shoe cleaning event

NAZUNA, a reuse store for school uniforms in Hiranocho, Kagoshima City, is currently seeking volunteers to help with their reuse project.

In addition to the secondhand uniform store, NAZUNA runs a volunteer organization, Kagoshima Eco Bridge Project. The organization collects, cleans, and sanitizes indoor and sports shoes in good condition but no longer needed and distributes them free of charge.

On July 24, an event to experience shoe cleaning was held at the former Sakurajima Kaishin Elementary School with 120 participants. A similar event takes place on September 21 at the same venue to clean more than 300 pairs. They are also planning to host an activity on September 5 to remove names from 300 pairs at the Kagoshima Museum of Environment.

Besides shoes, the organization accepts school bags, judo suits, kendo suits, keyboard harmonicas, stationery, school supplies, children’s clothes, and “anything else that children use.” Donation boxes (locations are listed on the store’s website) are set up at various locations throughout Kagoshima City. Higashi Daisuke, the owner, said, “We have collected a lot of shoes and school supplies, but we don’t have enough volunteers to sort them out.”

He added: “In order to hand over the donated items to another person, we desperately need many hands. We are always looking for volunteers to clean shoes, remove names, and display items. If you are interested, please give us a call.”

The opening hours and days are not fixed and are updated on the website. Phone calls are accepted from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

  • Shoes being cleaned

  • A shoe cleaning activity

  • Participants in the shoe cleaning experience