Ten grass tent sites now available at Green Farm in Kagoshima – Pitch your own tent

PUBLISHED Aug 10, 2021

A pitch-your-own tent site

Three months have passed since the pitch-your-own tent sites opened at the Kagoshima City Green Farm Agriculture Park.

The new sites opened on April 29 in the park’s on-site campground. The campground has single-story and two-story bungalows, as well as ten pre-erected tents. “With the recent boom in outdoor activities, the number of people who own tents has been increasing,” said Harumatsu Asami, the public relations manager, “so we decided to create a new area where people can bring their own tents.”

There are ten pitch-your-own sites available: eight grass sites and two grass/wood deck sites. Each site has an area of 70 square meters. “Since the opening, people of all ages, especially families, have been using our campsites,” said Harumatsu. The fees are 2,100 yen for overnight use and 1,100 yen for day use.

The park offers a farming experience, and visitors can take the harvested summer vegetables back to their own sites for cooking. It also has a farmers’ direct sales shop and a restaurant, offering local produce and meals.

Harumatsu added: “You can enjoy observing insects during the day and admiring the starry sky at night, and the morning after camping, you may be able to see the moment a cicada transforms into a winged adult. Cicadas are usually very lively, but seeing them in the moment of metamorphosis is very moving. I hope you will have an exciting time in the great outdoors.”

Green Farm Agriculture Park opening hours: 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (April to October).

  • A pitch-your-own tent site