English language school in Kagoshima now offering online lessons

PUBLISHED Aug 26, 2021

The exterior of Shimazu Gaigo-Senmon Juku

Shimazu Gaigo-Senmon Juku, an English language school near Kagoshima Chuo Station, is now offering online lessons.

The school opened on May 19. Shimazu Nobuyo, the head of the school, studied at Southern Illinois University in the U.S. After returning to Japan, she worked in the human resources department of an airline company. She has since started English schools and currently runs several in Kagoshima, Aira, and Kirishima cities, as well as offering business English and TOEIC classes at companies. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of high school students who want to prepare for entrance exams and working adults who wish to learn English for TOEIC. It inspired her to open a school that focuses on these areas and provides results through in-depth instruction in a location just a minute walk from the Chuo Station.

In June, the school started offering online lessons using Zoom. The lessons are based on the school’s approach of “accurately assessing the current state of English proficiency and setting goals and timeframes.”

“It is impossible to simply learn English conversation,” Shimazu says. “First of all, you need to strengthen your vocabulary, and at the same time learn grammar. We give lessons in stages according to the student’s learning goal.” She also pointed out, “Unlike English for exams, online lessons focus on frequent and important grammar, so it shouldn’t take much time to master it if you have learned some before.”

There are two types of online lessons: Private Lessons (30 minutes per lesson: 10,500 yen for two lessons per month, 21,000 yen for four lessons per month) and Group Lessons for two to six people (30 minutes per lesson: 12,000 yen for four lessons per month). In either case, a monthly subscription is required, and the enrollment fee is 15,000 yen. The school will prepare teaching materials according to the students’ English learning needs.

The lesson schedule will be determined after a Zoom or in-person counseling session with the student to understand the current situation, the purpose of learning English, and the expected time frame for achieving the goal. Students can also choose a combination course with lessons at school.

“We are planning to increase the number of classes from this fall, and we will update the details on our website as they become available. We will support each student to achieve their goals. I hope that many students will enjoy learning with us,” she added.

  • Inside Shimazu Gaigo-Senmon Juku