Udon restaurant & bar in Kagoshima offering homemade noodle dishes – Takeout available

PUBLISHED Sep 6, 2021

Kakiage Udon toped with mixed-vegetable tempura

Two months have passed since Udon no Omise – Kadoya, an udon noodle restaurant serving homemade noodles, opened in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City.

The restaurant opened its doors on June 12 with the concept of “spreading the udon culture in Kagoshima.” It operates as an udon restaurant during the day and an udon bar at night. The ingredients used to make the soup stock are purchased from all over Japan. The noodles are made from dough that has been matured for 24 hours and “served fresh.” Sugiura Yumi, the manager, says, “The noodles are a little thinner than standard Sanuki udon, and they have a soft and chewy texture.”

It is located on the site of the former Blue Light, a coffee shop with a long history, and she explained, “Since it is a historic place, we left the traces of it on the exterior to create a retro atmosphere.” The restaurant has four tables, a private seating area for four to five people, counter seating for four people, and a standing drinking area.

Kakiage Udon topped with mixed-vegetable tempura (650 yen); Gobo-Ten Udon with burdock tempura (600 yen); and Ebi-Ten Udon with shrimp tempura (800 yen) are the popular items for lunch. The limited numbers of rice dishes are also available, and the line-up includes Lunch-Special Inari (tofu pouch sushi: two for 120 yen), Rice Balls (one for 100 yen), and Daily Mini Rice Bowl (from 350 yen). “It is still warm, so cold udon noodles and grated-radish broth are selling well,” said Sugiura. Cold udon and rice dishes are available for takeout, and there are a variety of udon broths to choose from.

At night, the restaurant transforms into an udon bar, offering a la carte dishes including Oden (from 120 yen), Deep-Fried Skewers (from 180 yen), Tempura (from 150 yen), and Yakitori (from 150 yen). The bar also has a selection of Imo Shochu — sweet potato shochu — made in Kagoshima.

“We aim to serve udon that everyone loves,” she added. “Customers can enjoy our place in two ways: as a restaurant where they can taste delicious udon during lunchtime, and as a casual bar in the evening. Udon is also a good choice after a drink. We would like to establish a new culture here in Tenmonkan, which has a particularly long history.”

Opening hours: 11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. (subject to change at the request of the national and prefectural governments).

  • Niku Udon (udon noodles with beef) from Udon no Omise - Kadoya

  • Cold Udon Noodles from Udon no Omise - Kadoya

  • The exterior of Udon no Omise - Kadoya