Kagoshima’s butcher shop offering Japanese Black beef burgers, sandwiches

PUBLISHED Sep 22, 2021

Black beef & Black pork hamburger with cheese and demi-glace sauce

Three months have passed since Niku to Pan — a shop that offers hamburgers, sandwiches, and meat products — opened in Shimoarata, Kagoshima City.

The shop opened on May 29 and is run by 1129nikulabo, a mail-order company specializing in Japanese Black beef from Kagoshima Prefecture. It has an area of 33 square meters, and Otonari Keita, the owner, says, “We made it so that customers can see the entire cooking process.” The food is prepared upon receiving an order. “The best way to enjoy the food is to have it freshly prepared. We want people to enjoy the waiting time as well.”

The meat used for the burgers and sandwiches comes from Sueyoshi Chikusan, a livestock breeder that raises Japanese Black cattle. The cattle are fed on a blend of domestic rice bran, soybeans, barley, and barley bran. The shop only uses meat from cows. “Cow meat has a finer and softer texture than bull meat,” says Otonari. He also explained that he personally visited various farms and selected the type of cattle.

The shop uses “high-grade fresh bread” and original buns that go well with the meat. “We tested different types of bread before making our decision. What we chose has sweetness and a deep umami flavor,” he said.

The burgers are served only during lunchtime. The most popular menu items are the two types of Black Wagyu burgers. The White Bun Burger (600 yen) is served with Terimayo sauce, while the Black Bun Burger (730 yen) has tomato and cheese.

It also offers Wagyu Corned Beef Sandwich (550 yen) and Banana Milk Shake (500 yen) made with Kami Banana from Minamikyushu City. Otonari added: “This is not a hamburger shop, but an extension of our butcher shop. In the future, we would like to sell freshly cut meat by reservation. We hope to spread the attraction of Kagoshima Back beef in various ways.”

Opening hours: 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

  • Various sandwiches from Niku to Pan

  • The exterior of Niku to Pan

  • Inside Niku to Pan

  • Black Wagyu burger with tomato and cheese on a black bun from Niku to Pan