Kujira Café opens in Kagoshima – Serving ‘Drinkable Cheesecake’

PUBLISHED Sep 24, 2021

The exterior of Kujira café

Kujira café, a café offering “drinkable cheesecake” and “stick cheesecake,” opened in Kishaba, Kagoshima City, on September 7.

The café has an eye-catching wood-effect exterior wall and has 12 seats in total. Inside, decorated with dried flowers, has six seats at the counter. There are three tables with six chairs on the wooden terrace. It has been selling jarred cream cheese through mail order and at food fairs in Kagoshima under the name of Kujira Farm’s Whipped Cream Cheese. The name of the café comes from this product name.

The café’s display case is lined with cups for each menu item, and cream cheese is added to them upon order. There are three types of Drinkable Cheesecake made with cream cheese from Isa Bokujo: Refreshing White (649 yen), Fruit Blend (759 yen), and Chiran Matcha (704 yen). Other drinkable desserts include Tiramisu (682 yen), Mont Blanc with Berries (748 yen), and Lemonade Squash (550 yen) made with honey from Nishitarumizu Bee Gardens and domestically-grown lemons. Two or three types of Stick Cheesecake (from 330 yen to 385 yen) are available daily. The above prices are in-store prices.

Hata Yoshitaka, the owner, said: “We went through a lot of trial and error to create our products that taste good and look exciting. Please come and taste them for yourself.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. (until 7:00 p.m. during the shortened business hours). Closed on Mondays.

  • Mont Blanc with Berries from Kujira café

  • Inside Kujira café

  • The display case of Kujira café

  • Fruit Blend from Kujira café