First solo exhibition of Mishima Aliceke in Kagoshima – Featuring moon, stars, and tarot

PUBLISHED Oct 8, 2021

Mishima's creations at the venue

From October 9, Mishima Aliceke, an illustrator from Kagoshima, will hold her first solo exhibition, “Kenran no Hoshiboshi,” at the shop and gallery SOMETHING in Tenmonkan, Kagoshima City.

Mishima creates mystical illustrations with themes such as women, the moon, stars, and tarot. She has been exhibiting her works at exhibitions and coterie events in Kyushu. This year, her work has been published in a fortune-telling magazine and a fantasy art book, and she said that it offered her better opportunities for exposure. She decided to hold this exhibition, hoping that it would be a milestone in her creative career.

The exhibition will feature 14 works from Mishima Collection and nine illustrations featuring people. Mishima describes that Mishima Collection is a group of works based on Art Nouveau, stained glass, symmetry and asymmetry, with motifs of stars, moon, and flowers. “I started creating them as a way to practice drawing backgrounds and patterns. Initially, I had planned to finish only about ten pieces, but they became very popular. Drawing them became a kind of art therapy for me as well, where I could refresh myself. I have been working on them for two years now, and I have about 100 works,” she said.

She also makes jewelry, and there will be an exhibition sale of pins and necklaces with motifs of the moon and stars and stained glass, as well as bismuth crystals. The venue will have a photo spot, decorated with her original tarot cards, a Mishima Collection book containing 87 works, antique chairs, and framed pictures.

Mishima used the words “Kenran (brilliant)” and “Hoshiboshi (stars)” in the title of the exhibition to express “a kind of bright light that illuminates one’s heart.” “I would like my illustrations will lighten someone’s heart in this somber time. I hope visitors can reawaken the enchantment and fascination that they felt as a child,” she added.

The exhibition will be open from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Admission is 300 yen and will run until October 31.

  • Artwork by Mishima Aliceke from Kagoshima