Private hair salon with only two seats Mache.l.l opens in Ikenouecho, Kagoshima

PUBLISHED Oct 14, 2021

Inside Mache.l.l

It has been two months since the hair salon Mache.l.l opened in Ikenouecho, Kagoshima City.

The salon opened on August 2. Imabeppu Yasuko, the owner, worked as a hairdresser in Koraicho for 12 years before going independent. After running the hair salon Cocoami in Chuocho for 13 years, she handed over the salon to a younger colleague for childbirth and concentrated on raising her children. This time, she decided to open a spacious salon with only two seats as she wanted her clients to feel comfortable and relaxed.

“Both hairstylists are middle-aged, so we decided to keep the interior simple and relaxed rather than active,” said Imabeppu. The main clientele is women in their 30s or older. It has two seats and two shampoo units. The name of the salon was coined from the sound of the word “Matterune,” meaning “I will be waiting.”

The service menu includes Cut (from 3,850 yen), Perms (from 8,800 yen), Color (from 5,500 yen), and Head Spa (from 2,200 yen). “We use the skills we have cultivated over the years to determine the quality and texture of your hair and then provide the best treatment for it. If you don’t know which hairstyle suits you best, or if you have frizzy hair that makes daily styling difficult, we can give you advice that addresses your specific concerns,” she said.

“I want to maintain a close relationship with my local clients for a long time and to make this a place where children can come alone comfortably. I would be happy if my clients could feel at home here as a private salon,” Imabeppu added.

Opening hours: 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. By appointment only. Men’s treatment only by referral.

  • Inside Hair Salon Mache.l.l

  • Inside Hair Salon Mache.l.l

  • Inside Hair Salon Mache.l.l