Coffee shop Mikoya134 in Kagoshima selling drip coffee bags online to support ‘My fav’ activities

PUBLISHED Oct 22, 2021

Drip coffee bags from Oshi Cafe Factory

On October 22, Mikoya134, a specialty coffee shop in Kishaba, Kagoshima City, launched an online store, Oshi Cafe Factory, where customers can make drip coffee bags with their original designs.

Mikoya134 has been offering the service at the shop for a while. Now customers can do everything, from choosing the design to paying for the items, online. “Everyone has their own ‘Oshi (my fav)’, whether it is an anime character or pop icon. We want to support their Oshi activities,” said Katsuya Baba, the owner.

Customers can upload the photos and illustrations they want to use, choose the frame and package colors, and see a preview of the finished product online. Baba says: “Before, we had to send design samples by e-mail and deal with minor revisions, which took a lot of time. Now that we have an online store, it should be easier for customers to use.”

As for the coffee inside the bag, there are five types availble. The “Recommended for the Autumn season” is San Agustin Origin from Colombia, which has “a good balance of sweetness, richness, and aroma,” and Kongoni Estate from Tanzania, which has “a chocolate-like sweetness and full body.” The types of coffee it offers change seasonally.

Baba added: “It took us a while to get the preview screen and other aspects of the online store to look the way we wanted, but we are finally satisfied with the results and managed to launch it. We want our customers to enjoy their own special coffee bags, but we would also be happy if they could become a tool for them to stay in touch with others, for example, as a gift for someone they cannot see due to the pandemic.”

Drip coffee bags can be ordered from one bag (200 yen), and shipping is free for orders of ten or more.