90-second pasta: developed by Fukuyama Foods in Kagoshima, now on crowdfunding campaign

PUBLISHED Oct 25, 2021

The video explaining how to prepare Pastaja

On October 4, Fukuyama Foods, located in Hioki City, Kagoshima Prefecture, launched a project on the crowdfunding platform Makuake, calling for support by pre-ordering its three types of pasta noodles, Pastaja.

Teruyasu Fukuyama, the president, describes the reason for the crowdfunding project: “We want to spread Pastaja all around the world. However, it is not easy to build new investments or set up a new management system now as we are desperately protecting our existing businesses due to the pandemic. First of all, we want people to be aware of Pastaja through this crowdfunding project.”

The Pastaja range, sold in frozen form, comes in three types: linguine, spaghettini, and vermicelli. After thawing them in the refrigerator, they will be ready in 90 seconds by pouring in a cup or two of boiling water. The company calls them “fresh pasta” as “the cooked noodles are similar to fresh pasta in appearance and texture.”

The company employs the starch control technique, which processes dried noodles to produce a finish similar to fresh noodles, that Fukuyama developed 30 years ago while pursuing how to cook perfect soba. The method has been patented in 12 countries. “By moistening the dried noodles at a specific temperature and for a specific amount of time, the moisture is evenly distributed to the starch grains. This prevents the grains from being disintegrated,” said Fukuyama. “This year, we will finally be able to mass-produce Pastaja. I hope many people will try them.”

The prices start from 5,400 yen for 25 servings (choose one of the three types). The crowdfunding project ends on November 29.

  • Linguine of the Pastaja range

  • A pasta dish made using Pastaja