Spice curry restaurant VOUL in Kagoshima relocates to Tenmonkan

PUBLISHED Oct 29, 2021

Special Chicken Plate

VOUL, a restaurant that specializes in spice curry, reopened at a new location on September 25. It is now on the second floor of a building near Maruya Gardens in Tenmonkan.

The restaurant was previously located in Kinkocho. Kazunori Hayashida, the owner, has been involved in the spice curry business for about ten years. “We now have a wider range of customers, from the younger to older generations, as we have more customers from around Tenmonkan,” he said.

The new restaurant has a floor space of 56 square meters, with one table for four, four tables for two, and four seats at the counter. The restaurant name is an abbreviation of “volcano soul.” AITOKU MOKKOU, a carpenter from Kaseda, designed the interior, and his wood carvings are on display inside.

The restaurant keeps 30 kinds of spices on hand. “We use different kinds depending on the dish, but what we regularly use are about 15,” says Hayashida. A chart with the names and benefits of the spices along with photos is attached to the menu.

The spice curry menu includes Chicken Curry made with Sakurajima chicken (880 yen), Keema Curry with ground beef, pork, and chicken (980 yen), and Chicken and Keema Curry with double sauce (1,100 yen). The most popular item is Special Chicken Plate (1,300 yen). Toppings such as grilled cheese, fried eggs, and grilled sausage (180 yen to 280 yen), and Tandoori Chicken (2 pieces from 500 yen) are also available.

It also offers the frozen curry roux that can be microwaved in the container. All products are available for takeout, and delivery is available through Demaekan, Food Panda, and WOLT.

Hayashida added: “We are always searching for the best flavors to make a dish that will satisfy our customers from the first bite to the last. Now that we are in a more convenient location, we hope many people will come and try our dishes.”

Opening hours: 11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (last orders). Closed on Fridays and the first Thursday of the month.

  • The exterior of the Spice Curry Restaurant VOUL

  • Inside the Spice Curry Restaurant VOUL

  • Takeout from the Spice Curry Restaurant VOUL