‘Freelance parallel worker’ works 4 jobs remotely while living in his hometown in Kagoshima

PUBLISHED Nov 8, 2021

Natsuki Hashiguchi using the co-working space in Meizancho, Kagoshima City

Natsuki Hashiguchi, a freelancing sales representative in Kagoshima, has established himself as a “freelance parallel worker” and works for four companies.

Hashiguchi worked for an industrial machinery manufacturer in Osaka on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and for a venture company in Hyogo after graduating from the Faculty of Engineering at Kagoshima University. The pandemic triggered him to feel depressed, and he felt a growing desire to live near his family and go back to the rich natural environment of Kagoshima. In February of this year, when he turned 30, he made his decision to return to his birthplace.

He looked for a new job in Kagoshima but could not find one that met his requirements. In March, he started searching for freelance work on the Internet every day. “In the beginning, it was tough because I couldn’t earn as much as I wanted,” he said, but that changed when he started using the side job matching service “Shumatsu Worker.” In addition to job searching, the service provides support during the application process and feedback for interviews as needed. Hashiguchi said, “I was able to get advice on the content of proposals and selling points tailored to the companies I applied to.”

Currently, he works four different jobs simultaneously: sales representative for venture companies in Tokyo and Kyoto, customer success for a marketing learning app, and sales representative and consulting for a company in Kagoshima Prefecture. With 180 hours of work time, which is equivalent to full-time work, he earns an amount equivalent to the annual income of a person of his age working in the metropolitan area.

With his current work style, he spends less time commuting or traveling and has more time to spend with his family and friends, which he says makes him happiest. Hashiguchi says: “I will not choose a way of life that requires me to go to the office. I don’t want to encourage people to work as freelance parallel workers, but I do want to tell people that they have the option to live in Kagoshima and take on projects in the metropolitan area and make use of their skills.”