100-yen bakery chain with café SUMOMO opens in Murasakibaru, Kagoshima

PUBLISHED Nov 9, 2021

Inside SUMOMO Murasakibaru branch

SUMOMO, a bakery chain that offers all the freshly baked items for 100 yen, opened its Murasakibaru branch in Kagoshima City on October 22.

Hatoya Co., Ltd. manages the chain. “Our goal is to open 20 stores a year,” said Satoshi Tanaka, General Manager of the Corporate Planning Department. As of October, the company has 34 stores mainly in Southern Kyushu. The Murasakibaru store is a combination of a store and an on-site bakery, with a café space called SUMOMO CAFÉ where customers can have the baked goods they have purchased. It has three tables and four counter seats.

With the concept of “100 kinds of bread for 100 yen and free coffee,” the store offers a wide range of bread, including savory bread rolls, sweet rolls, and loaves. The popular melon-flavored bun is available in plain, tea-flavored, or with chocolate chips. Seasonal items such as croissants with Mont Blanc aux marrons, fruit sandwiches, curry bread rolls, and egg ciabatta sandwiches are also available.

“The selection varies slightly from store to store, so please visit them and discover new items,” said Tanaka. “In the future, we want to open more stores in northern Kyushu, Kansai, and Kanto.”

Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

  • The café area of SUMOMO Murasakibaru branch

  • The exterior of SUMOMO Murasakibaru branch