Kagoshima’s Café Siga Siga, where customers can feel at ease and spend relaxing time

PUBLISHED Nov 12, 2021

The exterior of Café Siga Siga

Four months have passed since Café Siga Siga opened near JR Ijuin Station in Hioki, Kagoshima Prefecture.

It opened its doors on July 6. Ya-ma, the owner, described that she has always loved cafés and used to go to a café on her days off to feel relaxed. With her desire to create a healing space, she decided to open her own café. The name “Siga Siga” means “slowly, slowly” in Greek. “It expresses my hope that customers can feel at ease, and the store itself can progress slowly,” said Ya-ma.

The café has eight tables and five counter seats. Ya-ma designed the white-based décor and chose the pendant lights and other lighting herself. The entire café, including the tables and chairs, was constructed by a furniture craftsman. She said, “He gave shape to my ideas.”

The drink menu includes coffee, tea (from 390 yen), and smoothies with seasonal fruits. Desserts change daily and include Lemon Cake, Gâteau au Chocolat, and Cheesecake (from 380 yen). Parfaits with seasonal fruits (from 900 yen) are also available.

During lunchtime, it offers boxed lunches prepared with additive-free ingredients by reservation. They are available for takeout or delivery to nearby areas. There is an area in the café that customers can purchase handmade jewelry. “I would love to provide a place for artists to hold workshops and collaborate with various people,” she said.

Ya-ma added: “The staff at the café are friendly and love to communicate with people. We want to make it a place where customers want to come to meet the staff. Please take your time and spend time here, even if you are alone.”

Opening hours: 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

  • Various desserts from Café Siga Siga

  • Inside Café Siga Siga

  • Inside Café Siga Siga