Screening of aurora footage by Tetsuya Nakagaki in Kagoshima, including ‘aurora explosion’ scene

PUBLISHED Nov 16, 2021

The explosion of aurora borealis, captured by Tetsuya Nakagaki

On November 20 and 21, Tetsuya Nakagaki, a Sapporo-based aurora filmmaker, will hold a talk titled “Wonderous Messages from Auroras: 2021 (オーロラが私たちに語りかけるすてきなメッセージ2021)” at the Kagoshima Kokusai Koryu Center in Kagoshima City.

Nakagaki has filmed aurora polaris in Alaska, the Canadian Arctic, Scandinavia, and New Zealand and has held screenings all over Japan. This is his second event in Kagoshima.

The highlight of the event this year will be the video footage of “The Explosion of Aurora Borealis,” which Nakagaki described as “the most amazing moment of the aurora borealis.” After going through quarantine and testing, he spent five weeks in Alaska and Yukon Territory in Canada in August and September, successfully capturing the high-sensitivity footage of the Northern Lights explosion. “Until last year, the video was an animation based on a series of photographs, and it was impossible to capture the dynamic explosion scene. This year, visitors will be able to experience the real aurora,” he said.

At the venue, a large screen and projector will be used to reproduce the Alaskan night sky. The event will also cover various topics related to aurora polaris, including how it formed between space and the earth and why this planet can sustain life in the harsh space environment. He will also cover the nature and wildlife of Alaska.

Nakagaki added, “I hope the visitors will enjoy the dynamic scenes, which have a different depth from last year.”

  • Magnetic storm, captured by Tetsuya Nakagaki

  • A scene from an airplane, captured by Tetsuya Nakagaki