Café & bar with golf simulation facility opens in Kagoshima, offering Hawaiian-style menu

PUBLISHED Jan 10, 2023

Golf simulation room

Two months have passed since E-SHOT (Phone: 0120-188-317), a café and bar with a golf simulation facility, opened on Bell Street near Chuo Station, Kagoshima City.

MURAOKA PARTNERS in Nishibeppucho manages the business. President Muraoka, a golf enthusiast, opened the facility on November 10 last year with the idea of “providing an enjoyable place to practice golf regardless of weather conditions.” It has a café area on the second floor where customers can enjoy a light meal after practicing with the golf simulation. As Muraoka is also a Hawaii lover, the café menu includes Hawaiian coffee and snacks to offer the Hawaiian atmosphere. At night, the café doubles as a bar.

The first floor has a golf simulation room and a 4-seat counter, and the second-floor café has 15 seats. Reservations are required for the golf simulation and can be made through its official LINE account or by phone. The fee is 1,000 yen per person per hour during daytime hours (9:00-17:00) and 1,500 yen during nighttime hours (17:00-24:00). Half price is offered to female customers until the end of March.

The latest golf equipment is available, and while visitors can play without their own equipment, they can also bring their own. A system that allows users to save videos of their practice swings is available. By downloading a dedicated app, they can view videos and analysis of their swings on their smartphones. The programs include a practice mode for putting and approach, a simple course, and a round for four players.

The café is open to customers without golf simulation reservations and offers Coffee Espuma Parfait (350 yen), Spam Rice Balls (200 yen), and Hawaiian Vanilla Macadamia Coffee (440 yen), to name a few. In January, Chocolate Banana Pancakes were newly added to the menu.

Muraoka hopes that beginner golfers and female customers who are looking to start playing golf will visit the facility.

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. – midnight.

  • The exterior of E-shot

  • Simulation golf equipment and facilities of E-shot

  • Second-floor café of E-shot

  • Counter seating at the second-floor café