Dry head spa salon in Kagoshima offers treatments in a ‘Floating in the Sea’ atmosphere

PUBLISHED Oct 2, 2023

Treatment offered at Rereve-Villa Kurage

It has been two months since the dry head spa salon Rereve-Villa Kurage opened in Kamoike, Kagoshima City.

Last year, Yuko Chijiwa, the owner, opened a women-only salon, Raw Honey Head Spa Rereve, in Kamoike, where treatments using olive oil and Kagoshima-produced honey were offered. On August 4, she opened the second salon, “Kurage,” meaning “jellyfish,” near the first location.

The new salon offers dry head spa treatments using glass balls in the shape of the number eight and other tools. When heated, these glass balls emit a pleasant popping sound, described as having a “nostalgic sound” and “gentle, enveloping warmth.”

The treatment room is designed to create an atmosphere of floating in the sea with blue lighting. They also play music with the soothing “1/f noise,” known to provide comfort to people. Yuko, one of the staff members, mentions that some clients fall asleep almost immediately.

The treatment menu includes Puku Mimi Spa (5,000 yen for 60 minutes), which uses warmed glass balls to treat the ears and the entire body, and Kurage Sleep Head Therapy Spa (8,000 yen for 90 minutes), which offers treatments for the head, chest, neck, shoulders, face, and ears.

Yuko, the owner, says: “It is okay to have a time where you just drift without thinking, like a jellyfish. We hope to create a place that offers relaxation and a mind reset to those who are always working hard.”

Opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (last admission).

  • The owner, Yuko Chijiwa (left) and staff member Yuko

  • Creating an atmosphere with blue lighting

  • Glass balls used at Rereve-Villa Kurage