Gallery You Garou opens in Kagoshima, debuting with painter Gou Kihara’s solo exhibition

PUBLISHED Oct 11, 2023

Painter Gou Kihara and gallery owner Yoko

The gallery You Garou opened on October 8 on the first floor of the Ichi Ni San Building in Yamashitacho, Kagoshima City.

The gallery is managed by the painter Gou Kihara, an artist specializing in the Western classical technique tempera, and his wife, Yoko, the owner. Yoko had a long-standing desire to open a gallery if the right place came along. The building is conveniently located near the Reimeikan – Kagoshima History Museum and Fine Arts Center, the Kagoshima City Museum of Art, the City Hall, and the Kenmin Koryu Center and houses cafés and restaurants. Yoko explains that they chose the space for the gallery partly due to the high ceiling of the gallery room, which is about four meters high and creates an open and less imposing atmosphere.

The gallery space is approximately 13 square meters. “While it may be small, it is just right for exhibiting artwork. Some artists who do art as a side job don’t have enough pieces to hold a solo exhibition, which may be surprising,” Yoko explains. The gallery can accommodate around 15 works, and they designed the entire interior in white to make the artwork stand out.

On the opening day, they started Gou Kihara’s solo exhibition as a commemorative project. The title is “muse.” Kihara uses the medieval European technique of egg tempera to depict works featuring “women who seem to be right there in everyday life.” In Greek mythology, the Muses were goddesses who presided over the arts. Kihara says, “I hope viewers can see the richness of painting while imagining that the Muses are present in our everyday lives.”

In the future, they plan to mainly organize exhibitions on a monthly basis. Kihara has always had the thought that there should be more niche galleries. Since he has held many exhibitions of his works outside the prefecture in places such as Tokyo and Fukuoka, he has had opportunities to meet “niche artists” from outside Kagoshima. He aims to “reach out to such artists and create a space for them to exhibit.”

Opening hours: 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Closing days will be announced on Instagram.