DJ KOO visits Kagoshima Joho High School for special lecture: ‘Putting Your Dreams into Words’

PUBLISHED Oct 3, 2023

DJ KOO appearing at the venue

On September 28, DJ KOO from the dance-vocal group TRF visited Kagoshima Joho High School in Taniyama Chuo, Kagoshima City, to conduct a special lecture.

This event was part of “avex class,” a career education program initiated by the Tokyo-based company Avex in February as part of their sustainability efforts. It marked the 8th session of the avex class and was the first held in Kyushu. Under this initiative, artists, celebrities, and creators affiliated with Avex visit educational institutions across the country to share the importance of believing in one’s talents and dreams through their own life experiences. Kagoshima Joho High School applied for the program and successfully hosted the event.

Approximately 115 students from grades 1 to 3 participated in the lecture. DJ KOO, also the leader of TRF, which celebrated the 30th anniversary of its major debut, shared his experiences. During the lecture, he reflected on his reasons for starting as a DJ, his dedication to rugby during high school, and his search for what he wanted to do during his time at a vocational school. He emphasized the significance of the three years he spent playing rugby, saying, “Even though there were tough times, it is because of those three years of rugby that I am who I am today.” He also recalled how he was inspired by the coolness of the DJ at a club he visited and decided to become an apprentice on the spot.

DJ KOO also asked the students about encounters that lead to their future dreams and goals. Their responses included “family,” “TV dramas,” “swimming coaches,” and “anime.” He stressed, “It is important to put your desires and what you want to achieve into words and share them with someone. By simply taking action on what is in front of you, new paths will open up.”

  • DJ KOO from TRF answering questions from Kagoshima Joho High School students

  • Kagoshima Joho High School students with DJ KOO