Hamada Shuzo releases new brand ‘Ukaze’ of barley shochu – Blnding 4 types

PUBLISHED Sep 26, 2023

President Yuichiro Hamada (right) and Director Kotaro Hamada introducing “Ukaze”

On September 26, Hamada Shuzo, a shochu distillery in Ichikikushikino City, Kagoshima Prefecture, released a new brand of Honkaku barley shochu “Ukaze.”

Founded in 1868, Hamada Shuzo is celebrating its 155th anniversary this year. Due to factors such as sweet potato root rot disease, the company has been strengthening its presence in areas other than imo (sweet potato) shochu. In February of this year, it launched another new brand of barley shochu “CHILL GREEN.” The new brand, introduced this time, is positioned as a “New Standard Barley Shochu” that blends four types of original shochu.

The name “Ukaze” means “strong wind” in Kagoshima dialect, symbolizing their intention to make a big impact as a staple, Honkaku barley shochu from Kagoshima. The label design embodies the concept of the harmony of four base shochu.

The shochu for the blend was selected from among hundreds of varieties. The company used four types: “Houkun,” “Houjun,” “Tarujuku,” and “Tanrei,” and employed a blending technique where they fine-tuned these four types in 1% increments. This blending method was likened to a musical quartet and named “Quartet Blend.” According to the company, it has achieved a quality that combines a refreshing taste with the sweet aroma reminiscent of biscuits and bread, along with the inherent flavor of barley, within this clear and crisp flavor profile.

Director Kotaro Hamada said, “Our distillery has been developing barley shochu products for over 50 years, and we have poured our know-how into this. We hope you enjoy the sweet aroma that arises from the blend of distinctive original shochu.”

The suggested retail prices are 2,195 yen for a 1800-milliliter bottle and 1,166 yen for a 900-milliliter bottle.

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