Café Mugi opens in Masagocho, Kagoshima, featuring pink décor

PUBLISHED Oct 12, 2023

S’mores cookies and Ugly cookies

On September 18, Café Mugi reopened in Masagocho, Kagoshima City.

Previously, the café operated in Tenmonkan. For the reopening in Masagocho, the owner, Kaede Hagiwara, took a different approach, adorning the interior with light pink chairs, pink neon decorations, antique trinkets, and others. Hagiwara expressed that she aimed to make it “cute and enjoyable to look at.” The café now has a seating capacity of 14, including four counter seats.

The menu includes cupcakes with choices of lemon, chocolate, or matcha (set with a drink, starting at 850 yen), S’mores Cookies and Ugly Cookies with options of matcha, cocoa, or nuts (set with a drink, starting at 900 yen), and the cheesecakes that she has been serving since her Tenmonkan days. The café also offers Tiramisu in a Pot and more.

The S’mores Cookies feature marshmallow-filled cookies with biscuits on top, offering a size between a cake and a cookie. Hagiwara says, “It is perfect for a light snack.” The Ugly Cookies are chocolate filled with various toppings, a concept popular in Korea and other countries.

Starting on October 5, the café has also introduced a lunch menu on weekdays, offering dishes such as omurice, pasta, and sandwiches, to name a few. Currently, Hagiwara is considering adding new items to the café menu and mentioned, “I want to keep incorporating new and exciting things in the future.”

Opening hours: 11:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Closing days will be announced on Instagram.

  • Interior of the café

  • Interior with a pink theme

  • Tiramisu in a Pot

  • S’mores Cookie with a drink set